How to Clean Fireplace Brick? Check Our Proven Cleaning Methods

How to Clean Fireplace Brick? Check Our Proven Cleaning Methods

Imagine a chilly night, with the fireplace crackling away, creating a cozy atmosphere. But, here's the catch – the once beautiful brickwork is now covered in soot and dirt. Not so appealing, right? Well, fear not! In this blog post, we're going to share some easy and proven methods from the experts on how to clean fireplace brick.


how to clean brick fireplace



So, say goodbye to the dirt and hello to a beautifully restored fireplace. Let's dive into simple yet effective ways to make your fireplace look as good as new!


How to Clean Fireplace Brick: Pre-Cleaning Steps

Remove Loose Dirt or Ashes

You adore your fireplace, but lately, it looks dirty. Before diving into how to clean brick fireplace, the first step is to remove loose ash and soot. If you skip this, the cleaning task could become a messy nightmare. To tackle this, grab a broom and a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. It's wise to lay down an old sheet since things might get chaotic.

Start by giving the bricks a good brush with the broom. Then, attach the brush to the vacuum cleaner and sweep up all the loose soot.


how to clean fireplace bricks


Grab Your Cleaning Supplies


Once the loose debris is gone, gather your cleaning supplies:


  • Spray bottle
  • White vinegar
  • Scrubbing brush or a similar cleaner
  • Dawn dish soap or another brand
  • Salt
  • Ammonia
  • Baking soda
  • Scrub brush
  • Borax
  • Cloth or rags



How to Clean Fireplace Bricks Using Household Items?

Cleaning your brick fireplace doesn't have to be complicated. You can use household cleaning supplies or a multi-surface cleaner to do the job effectively. Here's a step-by-step guide:


Cleaning a Brick Fireplace With Dish Soap and Salt/Baking Soda


  1. Mix equal parts of dish soap/multi-surface cleaner and salt/baking soda (about one ounce each) with just enough water to form a creamy mixture. Be careful not to add too much water.
  2. Cover the bricks with this mixture using a cloth or dish towel.
  3. Let it soak for around 10 minutes.
  4. Grab a bristle brush and scrub in a circular motion, starting from the top down.
  5. Spray water on the solution for some extra scrubbing action.
  6. Rinse and wipe, repeating if necessary.


Getting Fireplace Bricks Clean With Borax


how to clean fireplace bricks



  1. Mix 2 tbsp of borax and a squirt of dish soap/ surface cleaner in a spray bottle with 4 cups of hot water.
  2. Shake well and coat the bricks with the mixture.
  3. Scrub away the grime with a bristle brush in a circular motion.
  4. Wipe and rinse, repeating as needed.


How to Clean a Fireplace Brick With Vinegar


  1. In a spray bottle, combine vinegar and water equally.
  2. Soak the inside bricks and spray the outside.
  3. Wait for 2-5 minutes.
  4. Spray again and scrub with a bristle brush in a circular motion, moving from outside to inside.
  5. Add a bit of Dawn for extra scrubbing power if needed.
  6. Rinse and wipe, repeating as necessary.
  7. In order to counteract vinegar's acidity, mix baking soda with water in a spray bottle. After that, spray the bricks and let them dry.



How to Clean a Brick Fireplace Using Ammonia

(Note: Use this method for newer bricks only)

  1. In a spray bottle, combine ⅓ cup of ammonia and ¼ cup of dish soap with 4 cups of hot water.
  2. Coat the bricks and let the mixture sit for a few minutes.
  3. Wet a bristle brush and scrub in a circular motion.
  4. Rinse and repeat as needed.


How to Clean Fireplace Brick With Scrubbing Bubbles?


how to clean a brick fireplace



  1. Spray Scrubbing Bubbles onto the brick fireplace.
  2. Allow it to sit for 15-30 minutes.
  3. Dip a scrubbing brush in water and scrub the bricks.
  4. Use a piece of cloth to wipe, rinse, and dry.



Additional Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Brick Fireplace

  1. Use cream of tartar and water for spot cleaning and tough stains.
  2. Before cleaning, feed the fire a few tablespoons of salt to remove soot and creosote.
  3. Create a paste with dish soap and baking soda for detailed brickwork.
  4. Start with the least abrasive method for old bricks and work up.
  5. Use a sturdy bristle brush for effective fireplace brick cleaning.


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Cleaning your fireplace brick doesn't have to be a daunting task. Moreover, with our expert-proven methods on how to clean fireplace brick, your fireplace will be free of soot and grime forever.


how to clean a fireplace brick


We've covered everything from the crucial pre-cleaning steps to the practical use of common household items. Remember the additional tips and tricks, and enhance the ambiance of your living space with a clean fireplace.


Frequently Asked Questions


How To Clean A Brick Fireplace?


To clean your fireplace, you can use dish soap, salt, baking soda, vinegar, cream of tartar, and ammonia.

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