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Office Cleaning Checklist 101 - A Pro Guide On Cleaning An Office

Ever wondered what sets a high-performing, thriving workplace apart from the rest? It's not just the cutting-edge technology or the impressive client list. The secret often lies in something as fundamental as office cleanliness. How clean is your office, and could it be the key to boosting productivity and employee satisfaction? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the office cleaning checklist and how it creates a productive and sustainable office environment.


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Why Opt for Commercial Office Cleaning Checklists?

Maintaining a clean office environment is crucial for productivity and well-being. A well-organized cleaning checklist not only ensures that your workspace is consistently clean but also promotes a healthy and safe atmosphere. Let's explore the significance of using such checklists for different areas of your office.


Daily Office Cleaning Checklist


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Certain areas within an office demand consistent cleaning to ensure a professional and healthy workspace. Employing a well-structured office cleaning checklist template is paramount for maintaining cleanliness, fostering a healthy environment, and safeguarding against potential OSHA violations and fines.


Area#1: Reception Area

  1. Straighten reception décor.
  2. Dust floor mats.
  3. Clean glass doors without leaving streaks.
  4. Organize magazines and paperwork for a welcoming feel.
  5. Sanitize high-touch surfaces like door handles and light switches with high-quality cleaning products.


Area# 2: Office Areas/Cubicles

  1. Dust shelves, cabinets, and surfaces.
  2. Empty trash cans and wipe them down.
  3. Sanitize computer equipment and high-contact surfaces.
  4. Ensure kitchen utensils are returned to their place.
  5. Regularly clean windows, blinds, and curtains.
  6. Disinfect commonly touched items like phones and keyboards.


Area#3: Kitchen/Break Room

  1. Dispose of cleaning products, expired food and wrappers.
  2. Clean utensils and dishware, placing them in their designated drawers.
  3. Empty and disinfect waste and recycling bins.
  4. Wipe down surfaces people use for food preparation.
  5. Ensure all kitchen appliances are clean and functional. You can also use Fomin Multi-Surface Refill Tablets as an effective cleaning spray with the rich and flourishing scent of Lemon Zest.


Area# 4: Bathrooms

  1. Empty, wash, and line trash cans.
  2. Mop and disinfect all surfaces.
  3. Wash and sanitize basins, toilets, and fixtures. 
  4. Regularly refill soap and paper towel dispensers. Also, you can use Fomin eco-friendly refill soap to maintain a sustainable environment in your office bathrooms.


Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist

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To ensure optimal cleanliness, specific office cleaning tasks are more effectively managed every week rather than a daily routine. You can create a tidy workspace by incorporating a weekly editable office cleaning checklist template. This not only fosters a clean and organized office but also contributes to creating a healthful work environment, benefiting both employees and visitors alike.


Area# 1: Reception 

  1. Vacuum floor mats and carpets.
  2. Clean walls, light fixtures, and windows.
  3. Empty and wipe down waste receptacles.
  4. Clear cobwebs from corners.
  5. Ensure glass doors are streak-free.
  6. Remove stains from fabrics


Area# 2: Workspaces and Cubicles

  1. Clear cobwebs.
  2. Wipe down surfaces and high-contact items.
  3. Regularly dust windows and glass surfaces.
  4. Sweep and mop floors.

Area# 3: Kitchen/Break Room

  1. Clean and disinfect surfaces in the refrigerator.
  2. Thoroughly sanitize the microwave.
  3. Empty trash cans and clean them inside-out.
  4. Vacuum floors and under kitchen furniture.


Area# 4: Bathrooms

  1. Clean glass surfaces and mirrors.
  2. Empty, wash, and line trash cans.
  3. Mop and wipe down all surfaces.
  4. Ensure hand soap and paper towel dispensers are functioning well. You can enhance the hygiene of your bathroom by incorporating Fomin eco-clean towels. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, these towels make an excellent addition to your bathroom essentials.


Monthly Office Cleaning Checklist

A monthly cleaning routine is most effective for office cleaning tasks requiring a more extensive touch. For this purpose, you must have a printable office cleaning checklist that can help you maintain the cleanliness of your office.


Area# 1: Reception

  1. Shampoo and condition carpets.
  2. Spot-clean fabric furniture.
  3. Vacuum under and behind furniture.
  4. Deep clean surfaces and grouts.


Area# 2: Workspaces and Cubicles

  1. Wash and spot-clean fabric furniture.
  2. Vacuum air vents.
  3. Dust cobwebs in corners.
  4. Deep clean keyboards, telephones, and other equipment.


Area# 3: Kitchen/Break Room

  1. Discard expired food items.
  2. Deep clean appliances and surfaces.


Area# 4: Bathroom

  1. Deep clean and sanitize tiled surfaces.
  2. Polish all surfaces.
  3. Scrub and disinfect toilet seats.


5 Practical Tips On Building Office Cleaning Checklists

editable office cleaning checklist template


Creating an effective office cleaning checklist is essential for maintaining a tidy workspace. Here are some straightforward tips for compiling your list:


  1. Declutter

Dispose of unnecessary items and return misplaced items to their designated locations. Neatly organize cords and wires using zip ties for a cleaner look.


  1. Dust Off

Wipe away dust using damp towels. Use canned air to eliminate dust from hard-to-reach corners.


  1. Glass Cleaning

Achieve spotless glass surfaces by using a damp rag and high-quality glass cleaner.


  1. Kitchenware Cleaning

Address stains on cups, plates, etc., using warm water and a small amount of hand soap. Organize items in cabinets systematically for a tidy kitchen space.


  1. Disinfection

Wipe surfaces with good-quality anti-bacterial products and a clean towel. Prioritize high-contact surfaces during the disinfection process.

By incorporating these steps into your office cleaning routine, you'll ensure a well-organized and hygienic workspace.


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Maintaining a clean work environment is a key contributor to the overall well-being of your team members. It not only fosters a positive atmosphere but also leaves a lasting impression on office visitors. Simplify the process by incorporating the tips mentioned above into your office cleaning checklist. With these pointers, creating and following a cleaning routine for your office becomes a breeze.



How To Create A Cleaning Checklist For Offices?

To create a cleaning checklist for offices, start by dividing tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly categories. Include items such as dusting, vacuuming, disinfecting surfaces, and restocking supplies. Tailor the checklist to the specific needs of the office space, and regularly update it based on feedback and changing requirements.

What Should Be Included In A Medical Office Cleaning Checklist?

Prioritize high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, waiting room chairs, and medical equipment. Include sterilization protocols for instruments and daily sanitation routines.


How Often Should An Office Be Cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning tasks varies; some are daily, some weekly, and others monthly. Regular cleaning maintains a presentable office appearance and minimizes disease-causing organisms.


How Can I Maintain An Office Housekeeping Checklist?

You can maintain an office housekeeping checklist by periodically reviewing it to track efficiency. This review helps identify areas for improvement. Additionally, seeking feedback from staff on checklist improvements contributes to its maintenance.


What Is The Purpose Of An Office Housekeeping Inspection Process?

An office housekeeping inspection process aims to ensure compliance with good housekeeping conditions by checking work areas, waste disposal, and storage areas and providing recommendations for improvement.

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