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8 Delicious Soap Scents
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Prevents Bacteria Build-Up

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use these tablets?

Drop, fizz, lather - it's like magic for your hands.

Are they good for the planet?

Absolutely! We're saving the Earth, one foamy tablet at a time.

Can I pick my favourite scent?

You betcha! Choose your scent and let the handwashing symphony begin.

Is this soap gentle on my skin?

As gentle as a kitten's paw, but without the fur.

Can I bring them on an adventure?

Adventure-approved! Small, mighty, and ready for action.

Can I impress my friends with these?

Oh, definitely! It's like a magic show, but for hand hygiene.

How many tablets do I get?

Enough to keep your hands clean and your spirits high lol, jk.

Can I gift these to my germophobic aunt?

Best gift ever for the germophobes in your life - they'll thank you.