Ultimate Guide to Proper Sanitation: COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 continues to affront the world, disrupting social norms and the economy. The virus may cause severe respiratory symptoms, which worsen with the invasion of opportunistic bacteria. Routine hygiene measures will help reduce the risks of COVID-19 complications and infection. 

The CDC reports that the COVID-19 virus commonly spreads between people via close contact, within 6 feet or two arms’ length. As such, it is vital to keep yourself and others safe by practicing proper personal hygiene through sanitation and disinfection practices. 

Regular handwashing remains one of the most effective means of hygiene measures developed to eliminate opportunistic bacteria found along contaminated surfaces. 



Follow Proper Handwashing Routines 

It’s essential to practice proper handwashing techniques for maximum protection from germs and other microbial infections. A quick five-second rinse under running water without soap won’t provide adequate protection against hardy germs. Additionally, it’s vital to ensure that a washing routine involves every part of the hands, including the area behind the palms and under the fingernails.  

The CDC outlines a five-step handwashing method for maximum effectiveness. These include:

  • Begin by wetting both hands thoroughly before turning off the tap. 

  • Apply soap or washing liquid to hands and lather throughout, including the often omitted areas (i.e., under and between fingers).

  • Scrub the hands for roughly 20-25 seconds, going over every inch of the skin’s surface if possible. 

  • Rinse the lathed hands under running water to thoroughly wash off the foam.

  • Wipe hands with a clean and dry towel before using a hand dryer (ideally a unit operating with HEPA air filters). 


Choose the Right Time for Handwashing 

Frequent handwashing provides added protection against environmental contaminants. However, certain times require more care than others. These involve situations with high risks of contamination, such as:

  • Food preparation and meals - during, before, and after food-handling, especially with raw ingredients, which contain life-threatening bacteria. It’s also essential to wash hands before and after consuming a meal. 

  • After coming in contact with “high touch” public surfaces and objects. These include doorknobs, stair rails, bus stops/stands, light switches, and handles. 

  • Before and after handling facial masks - the surface of facial masks may contain traces of contaminants from exposure to the environment. 

  • Before touching your eyes, mouth, and nose as these areas link to your respiratory system. 

  • After coughing, sneezing, or blowing the nose.


Why HEPA Products?

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. Technology backed with HEPA standards provides users with cleaner results and significantly reduces the number of contaminants. As such, HEPA hand dryers can provide users with substantial defense against opportunistic pollutants, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Alternatives to Handwashing 

While handwashing with soap is the most effective common defense against contamination, individuals may find themselves in situations without access to hand soap (i.e., traveling on a road trip or vacationing). In such cases, individuals can turn to alternatives (however, less effective) to protect against the virus. 


Hand Sanitizers 

There are many brands of hand sanitizers available in a diverse range of scents, ranging from the classic overpowering alcohol types to floral and fruity aromas. Regardless of smell, the CDC recommends hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol volume. You may refer to the labels of the packaging for information. Anything less may prove ineffective against harmful microbes. 

Additionally, it is essential to note that while the best hand sanitizers can quickly cull bacteria populations, they do not eliminate all germs. Similarly, hand sanitizers work poorly on visibly greasy or dirty hands. For ideal results, apply and rub the sanitizer gel all over the hands (including the often-missed spots along and under the fingers). The process takes about 20 seconds until the gel dries. 

Antiseptic Wipes

Like bottled hand sanitizers, antiseptic wipes provide users with a quick but less effective measure against germs. These products may come stored in packets or larger tubs for convenient travel use. However, antiseptic wipes will quickly lose their quality if left unsealed and exposed to the environment. Additionally, its susceptibility to environmental contamination makes it unsuitable for long term storage upon opening. 


Avoid High-Risk Areas

Prevention may be the best cure in some situations. Individuals can avoid settling for less than ideal sanitation solutions by steering clear from public places with high-touch surfaces and contamination risks. 

According to an Antimicrobial Resistance&Infection Control research, public restrooms serve as a hotbed for over 50 species of bacteria, possibly due to multiple high-touch surfaces (i.e.door, handles, faucets, flush handles) and poor ventilation. When possible, individuals should avoid poorly maintained restrooms or use the toilet before leaving the house. 

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