Is Soap The Perfect Stocking Stuffer This Holiday Season?


The jolly Christmas season approaches, amid the strange new normal. Yuletide will bring some much-needed comfort, happiness, and celebration to take your mind off the tension and anxiety that comes with the global situation. While gifting is a fun and exciting part of Xmas, sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the most significant and lasting impact. And there are few things as compact and delightful as stocking stuffers!

You’ll need to get creative when preparing stocking stuffers since it’s essential to justify the suspense that comes with dipping a hand into mysterious stockinged depths. So, it shouldn’t be something lackluster or unimaginative. With that said, shape and texture play a part - to keep your recipients guessing. 

Society’s expectations and interests have shifted dramatically with the pandemic, and a growing number of individuals are favoring healthcare and hygiene products. So this holiday season, why not switch up your usual stocking stuffer shopping with a pandemic-friendly list? The best stocking stuffers of 2020 should ideally look lovely while offering safety or entertainment during these crazy times. 


A Pack of Playing Cards

Playing cards are versatile and timeless gifts - providing rounds of endless fun with poker, rummy, blackjack (anything but solitaire) among families during social-distancing. Customize the card back design to add a personal touch, perhaps with a pet’s photograph or the recipient’s signature catchphrase. 

Reusable Cups and Tumblers

Reusable items have taken center stage during the period of paranoia and social-distancing. While some individuals still prefer disposables and think they’re much safer, research has proven quite the contrary. Aside from being safe, reusable cups and tumblers are healthier for the environment - with plastic pollution remaining a knotty issue. If you’re getting reusable cups and tumblers, choose stackable designs to optimize that stocking space!



Wireless Ear Pieces

Music makes the world a better place (most would agree). Wireless earpieces offer swift access to a favorite playlist without the frustration of tangled wires. And there’s no need to get pricey AirPods (although those work too!). With countless affordable and stylish alternatives available, there’s bound to be a model for everyone.


Stylish Face Masks

Face masks have become an indispensable accessory during COVID season. Rather than settling for mundane surgical masks, why not grab a bunch of patterned fabric designs that will enhance your daily outfits? Mask makers are getting extremely creative these days, using various materials and textures to create visual masterpieces that will wow your loved ones. 



The Top Recommendation - Natural Soap!

Yes, it’s the soap that keeps bodies, and particularly hands, squeaky clean. But here’s the rub, do all soaps really make the cut as stocking stuffers? Perhaps, but it is impossible to deny that some soap products stand out more than others. It is quite underwhelming (and even upsetting) to receive a plain bar of soap. That's almost like receiving coal for Christmas. But before the big reveal of the top soap product, it’s essential to understand the wonders of soap and what it can do for you. 

Aside from keeping your body fresh, soap eliminates dirt and other potentially harmful contaminants from the surface of your skin. In other words, soap works as a nice-smelling and potent tool during the pandemic (the CDC widely reports the risks of close contact infections). And imagine how much better it would be if the soap bars came in cool and funky shapes? Win-win. Soap has a charm similar to that of scented candles, but they are arguably more practical and beneficial to the body. 



Why Choose Natural Soap?

The history of soap spans thousands of years, originating from the time of Babylonians. Traditional handmade soap comprised organic and natural ingredients like botanical extracts, shea butter, and coconut butter, which nourished and kept the skin healthy, youthful, and supple. 

In contrast, commercially produced soap usually includes cheap, lab-made synthetic ingredients that may cause allergies, irritations, and potentially harm respiratory and endocrine systems. 

One significant difference lies in the presence of glycerin, an essential compound used in soap-making processes. Glycerin is a non-toxic liquid that naturally hydrates and softens the skin - essentially skin food. Commercial soap-making companies usually extract the glycerin from their soap products, repackaging the compound in skincare lotions and creams (for increased sales but at the consumer’s expense). 

Natural handmade soap might cost more than commercial alternatives, but they offer a broader range of health benefits and reduced side effects. Handcrafted soap contains natural biodegradable ingredients suitable for all skin types, with each bar made with dedicated care and sincerity. 



Why Choose Soap this Holiday Season? 

There are many reasons why you’d pick soap as a first-choice stocking stuffer under normal circumstances - but the current pandemic makes the gift more meaningful than ever. For starters, soap contains antimicrobial properties, eliminating the nasty bacteria and viruses responsible for spreading infections and illnesses.

A refreshing shower with quality scented soap soothes the senses and provides peace of mind, knowing that you’re clean and protected. Soaps come in different shapes, colors, scents, and sizes, so you can mix and match to diversify your gifts according to preferences. Imagine a stocking stuffer that provides an aromatic therapy that promotes stress relief, quality rest, and improved immunity. Handmade natural soap is all that and more, without blowing a hole in your pocket. 



A Stocking Stuffer Topper: Fomin Soap Thins

Fomin soap comes in three delightful options, refreshing lavender (purple), tea tree oil (green), and sweet orange (well, orange). Each soap fragrance provides users with a uniquely memorable experience that results in extra quality me-time spent in the shower (or at the sink). Additionally, each Fomin pack comes in eco-friendly containers that go easy on the environment when discarded.

Lavender promotes calmness and tranquility, taking your senses on an adventure under a canopy of floral bliss. Tea Tree oil provides a cooling and revitalizing sensation that will refresh your body and mind first thing in the morning or after a busy day out. And there’s the citrusy scent of sweet orange that instantly adds zest and fun to any shower or handwashing routine.

Fomin’s ergonomically designed portable soap thins come in 300 sheets per pack and serve as the ideal travel companion wherever you go - be it hiking, on a business trip, or at a picnic. The refillable soap thins fit easily into a standard-sized Xmas stocking for a thoughtful and pleasant surprise. 

The Fomin team ensures the highest soap quality through tests and formulations to promote clean and dry hands all-year-round. Users can expect a foamy, safe, and effective handwashing solution, which goes gently on the skin while harshly against environmental contaminants. 

Fomin's specially manufactured soap bars will ignite senses and level up any grooming and wellness regimes. 2020 might be a tough year, but as the holiday season approaches, your gift could provide loved ones with the scented protection they need to kick start a hopeful new beginning.